Tree Trimming

Properly trimmed trees create a beautiful frame for a home

Size impacts tree trimming cost

The size of a tree impacts the total amount paid to have it trimmed. Larger, taller trees have more branches, and take longer to trim and prune than smaller, shorter ones. In order to provide an exact price the trees must be evaluated in person. Use the guide below to form an idea of cost or call us to schedule an estimate at 210-857-1141.

tree trimming guide

• 14 feet or shorter — $75
• 15 feet to 24 feet — $150
• 25 feet to 34 feet — $350
• 35 Feet to 49 Feet — $600 to $850
• 50 Feet to 74 Feet — $900 to $1200
• 75 feet and over — start at $1250

Emergency TRee Trimming

Emergency tree pruning and trimming services start at $300 for the hour. To have broken or dead limbs cleared from a large tree, you will pay approximately $1,000.  Although tree trimming costs can be expensive, it is well worth it to let the professionals handle it for you. Always contact the utility company if a tree branch is dangerously close to a utility line.

Additional Costs of Trimming

• location of the tree
• the time elapsed since the last pruning
• accessibility
• the health of the tree
• travel expenses, if we have to travel  to it
• disposal of limbs and other debris

This Tree trimmer makes it look easy

TRee Trimming is hard and dangerous work

hiring a tree trimmer is well worth the money