Flower Beds

designing flower beds to delight visually and aromatically

form follows function

Displaying beautiful flower gardens around your home by creating borders and flowerbeds in your front or backyard is an art form. 

Planning for fall and winter

Flowers bloom at varying times of the year and some plants are annual, dying back each winter. 

WE Combine by height and color

Flower gardens should always combine plants of different heights, colors, textures, and fragrances so they create visual interest and aromatically delight the senses. 

blooming sequence matters

Another important aspect of our flower garden designs is even and consistent color combinations, throughout the four seasons.

stunning color combinations

I design flower gardens with the sequence in which flowers bloom always at the forefront.

herb and vegetable gardens

Flower gardens are sometimes tied in function to other kinds of gardens, like knot gardens or herb gardens. Many herbs also having decorative function, and some decorative flowers are edible.