Garden Paths

we build simple elegant Designs for your family and friends to enjoy


A recent brick, gravel and stone design we completed in Fair Oaks

We create both romantic and rustic garden walkways by combining different shapes and colors of flagstone into a richly patterned mosaic choosing stones for fit and coloration. 

black mulch and stone

natural stone and sand

romantic garden pathways

Natural stone creates a beautiful , garden path, particularly when separated by greenery, sand, rock or mulch. 

a path to peace and tranquility

A beautiful trail design creates an experience for you and your family and friends to enjoy. A proper path leading to your home breaks up your yard adding clarity, atmosphere, and curb appeal. 

combo Granite rock and stone

gravel and stone

red mulch and stone

Adding an entryway to your property provides visual appeal, increases your property value, and adds a grand entrance to your home.

grass and stone entryway